Pioneering one of the first (early) puppy board and train programs we have trained hundreds of puppies beginning as early as eight weeks. We truly believe the best training starts early and training at this age ensures your pup starts training with a clean slate, fresh from any unwanted behaviors. Many owners do not realize that by 6 months of age most of a puppy's behaviors are  ingrained and willl require a great deal of attention (often professional) to undo. Why not get ahead of it all?  All training is done in our home where your puppy will receive round  the clock care supervision and love! We welcome your puppy in to our home and treat them as one of our own. We cover all the important puppyhood bases and lay the crucial foundation necessary for a balanced adult. For your viewing pleasure, we provide a multitude of glimpses into your pups life with us through training videos. Besides being so stinkin' cute it provides you an opportunity to start training yourself while your pup is away!  If you not only want to give your puppy the best best star but the best chance at growing into an incredible dog this is for YOU!


This program teaches your puppy the foundations he will need to learn basic obedience skills. Puppies going home after this training will still require fairly constant reinforcement and training in order to solidify their knowledge of the commands & behaviors. This two-week offering lays an extremely strong foundation from which the owner can build upon.

  • Basic Commands:

    • “Sit” 

    • “Come”- walk/run to me 

    • “Down”- laying position

    • “Stay/Wait”- stop what you are doing and sit

    • "Yes!" – Good Job! That's what I wanted you to do! Treat is on the way!

    • "ehh", "uhh-uhh"  or "No." - Stop doing that and look at me! 

    • "Drop It"- Release whatever is in your mouth

  • Handling

    • Get pup used to handling by groomers, vets and owners

    • Includes getting eyes, ears, feet, mouth handled as well as resources such as toys and food

  • Name recognition 

  • Crate Training (upon request)

  • Beginner House Manners

    • No Jumping, (for attention) Nipping, Chewing (unless puppy appropriate) or Barking

    • “Off”- four paws on the floor and wait to be greeted; puppies sit for affection

  • Beginner Leash Manners

    • Introduction to leash, collar and walking

    • "Let's Go" - Move with me, 

    • “Wait” sit when I stop. 

  • Creation of Routines:

    • a well-established house-breaking routine

    • Mealtime routine 

    • Bedtime routine

    • Playtime and Training Routines 

  • Socialization 

    • People, animals

    •  new places

    • textures & sounds


This one-month program offers a longer, more intensive training regimen and is likely what you have in mind when you hear the phrase “trained puppy”. Here the puppies will begin to elicit trained behaviors on their own, based on trainer and environmental cues. They will not require the constant guidance needed in following puppy pre-school. Here, we will hone your pup’s skills and increase his/her reliability and consistency.  Training a puppy involves consistency, conditioning and  repetitions. The additional two weeks this program offers extremely increases your dogs success. The longer your puppy trains with Simply Balanced K9, the stronger his/her foundation and skillset will be upon arriving home.  If you are looking for a package that enables you to enjoy having a new puppy without the common puppy pitfalls and frustrations, we highly suggest a package that is at least one month long!


Owners will receive an in-depth go-home session, enabling us to hand the reigns over to you.  This will include orientating them to training methodologies and practicing these skills prior to leaving. 

  All puppies, no matter the program will also leave our training facility with an extensive “puppy training manual”. So, don’t worry We will teach you how to train your dog!Covering everything they learned, this our puppy guide will help you continue your puppy’s path of success. We will also provide suggestions for continued training and resources for any problematic behavior that may crop up as your puppy continues grow and mature.

More info on advanced training programs and/or Therapy/Emotional Support/Service Dog work are available upon request.