In the dog training world there is typically two (conflicting) schools of though and approaches to training. On one side is "Positive Reinforcement" trainers and on the other, is "Traditional" trainers. Both sides feel their way is the best (and only) way and in my opinion too much time is spent admonishing the other side for how wrong they are.

      We have always thought that finding out what works best and what achieves the handler's desired outcomes is of the utmost importance.  What we found is that an integrated or balanced approach, one that draws from both sides, as well as including other theories/methods is what works best. 

     A Balanced training regimen is both compassionate and reliable. Working from reward-based stance, training becomes fun experience (resulting in happy, enthusiastic dog). We introduce dogs to new behaviors in a rewarding environment without fear of making mistakes. However, if and when more reliability is needed only then is an unpleasant consequence introduced. These consequences are always carefully constructed, well-thought out and only applied when necessary. 

     An easy way to think about it is this: Let’s say there were only two ways to build a house and thus, only two types of houses.  The first way only allowed the use of basic tools such as a hammer, saw, nails etc. The other way only used high-tech machinery and advanced building techniques and tools.  Both options have their limitations and benefits. However, what if there was a third way?  An approach that gave unfettered access to the "complete toolbox"? An approach that allowed you to pick and choose what tools you needed? An approach that allowed each builder to build the exact house they wanted?

     Insert balanced training. This type of training allows us to provide a very comprehensive training regimen that is uniquely tailored to each dog. We can utilize a variety of techniques and tools to help you achieve the desired results in a timely manner that is both gentle and effective. Rather than be bound by a specific philosophical training model our goal is to help owners become calm, assertive leaders, to strengthen the dog/owner bond and to create a happy, balanced, obedient do